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Track your runs, defeat your best time and compete against other runners!

ReRunner is an app that tracks your time, distance, velocity and a lot more. What makes this app different from the other running apps is the possibility to compare your distance and time to other runs. Beat your best runs or challenge your friends!

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ReRunner is now updated for iOS7. There are several fixes, for example Facebook integration is now working properly. You can now download ReRunner Lite, the free version of ReRunner. It doesn't have all the features the full version has and there are some ads in it. However, the ads are not shown while running, so your battery doesn't get drained.


ReRunner has been released. You can now download it from the App Store.
There is an issue with the playlists and power songs. You can't select them. This has been fixed and the update should be available soon.
The lite version has ben uploaded to apple and will be available next week.

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